Tax season doesn't have to be confusing. Let us help you take control of your affairs with ease and confidence with one simple visit each year.

Why hire a CPA?

All tax preparation at Great Lakes Accounting is managed by licensed CPA Jason Heider, who has dedicated his career to understanding the tax code and applying his accounting and tax knowledge to businesses and individuals –– so clients can be confident in their affairs.

Tax season is about more than just an annual ritual in confusing government paperwork –– it should be an opportunity for you to gain perspective on your progress for the past year so that you can plan for the next, but that can get complicated as life marches forward.

Having a CPA in your corner to sort through the numbers as they relate to your tax profile gives you room to breathe. A CPA can translate the noise through a lens that puts your affairs into focus, so you can gain the perspectives you need.

Whether you own off-shore accounts, utilized child care, spent money on school or fixed your furnace in November: Where you allocate your money is as important as how much money you made, and it all affects your relationship with the IRS.

We help you sort through it all so you can get the most money back and take the steps to ensure you plan effectively to maximize the potential of the coming year and years to come.