How to Boost Company Morale for your Non-Office Employees

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When you’re working in a warehouse, factory, field, or other non-office setting, the warm weather can bring a host of uncomfortable days along with the joy of the summer season. Consider these options to keep ALL of your employees happy and productive during the workweek.

Before we get started we want to point out that some ideas may require approval or review from a union rep. Always be sure to plan ahead and know what the union rules state before sharing your ideas or making any plans!

Flexible Overtime

In the summer, many people enjoy being able to leave work early to be able to spend extra time with their family or to get a head start a trip. Others, however, may prefer to work a few extra hours to help with their finances later in the year. Consider creating a form or chart where employees can request or defer overtime on certain days.  Though it’s never a guarantee, employees will appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness of trying to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Keep Cool

It can be very difficult to regulate temperatures in some areas. Having extra fluids around can really make a difference! Consider taking requests for some of your employees’ favorite beverages. This will not only help with making sure everyone stays hydrated, but it will give the days a little variety.

Bring Food

Surprising employees with a complimentary breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is an easy way to bring smiles to everyone’s face.  A fed employee is a happy and productive one! By ordering in a meal or snacks instead of taking them out, you make it available to everyone during their scheduled breaks and no one has to miss out!

Reward System

Do you have employees that are constantly picking up extra shifts, helping other employees, or going above and beyond in other ways? Encourage this behavior by implementing a ‘point system’ redeemable for fun prizes, company gear, or even raffle tickets for a larger prize!

After ensuring a better team morale for your whole company this summer, you can start working towards the next task on your list: getting financial records organized! Contact Great Lakes Accounting today to see how we can help.