How to Boost Company Morale in the Office During the Summer


During the summer, it’s easy to get swept up in thoughts of enjoying the nice weather and vacationing at favorite destinations and work efforts may decline slightly. Every business sees the lull that comes with work accomplishments during this time of year, so consider these solutions to boost company morale for your office workers at the height of the season.

1. Celebrate Accomplishments


After a long and tiring week completing a project, one of the best ways to boost employee optimism about working during the summer is to celebrate the successful ending of a project. When employees are relieved at the end of a particular project, they are more likely to welcome the gratitude shown at accomplishing it during a celebration. One way to celebrate these accomplishments, no matter how small or large, is to schedule an employee picnic or lunch excursion. Just getting out of the office for an hour to enjoy the warm summer weather and relax after completing this tiring task will make employees grateful and happy to be working at such a rewarding company.

2. Consider Summer Hours or Casual Fridays


Another way to improve company morale during the heat of summer is to create summer hours. Enforcing a summer schedule means employees can work longer days Monday through Thursday so that they can leave early on Friday and enjoy a longer weekend. Additionally, making Fridays a casual dress day will allow employees to feel more comfortable while finishing up their work for the week, thus boosting their optimism and gratitude towards the company.

3. Assigning Preferred Projects


Providing projects that are more agreeable to certain employees than to others is a third way in which companies can boost morale during the summer and even throughout the rest of the seasons. When employees are assigned projects that they actually enjoy doing, they are more willing to come to work and do a good job on their projects.

4. Initiate Team-Building Exercises


Every few weeks or month, get your team out of the office by doing a fun activity together such as visiting a museum or hiking at a local forest preserve. Getting outside to enjoy the nice weather and sunshine will have your employees thanking you as well as getting to know each other better, creating a more positive work environment.

While these are all great ways to boost team morale for your 9-5 office workers, don’t forget our hard-working, blue-collar counterparts! Visit our site next week for some sure fire ways to boost morale for those employees working in your warehouse or in the field.

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